How Will Evangelos Marinakis Be In The Future.

evangelos marinakis
The Remarkable Achievements of Evangelos Marinakis

Over his illustrious entrepreneurship career, Evangelos Marinakis has achieved numerous impressive milestones. That is why, he’s among the wealthiest persons in his indigenous Greece, along with his net value amassing to a complete of $750 million as of 2016. “evangelos marinakis” The majority of his wealth comes from his business enterprise which transcends across some sectors, including shipping and delivery, football and press.

Capital Maritime & Trading Corp.

Evangelos’ first organization, Capital Maritime & Trading Corp., was established “evangelos marinakis” in 2005. As the name suggests, the company worries itself with emerging opportunities in picking out root factors for evangelos-marinakis information shipping of cargo. The business has since grown to be one of the top rated freight enterprises, not only in Greece but also in the world. The company presently owns a fleet of thirty ships.

Capital Product Partners L.P.

In 2007, Marinakis launched straightforward guidelines for selecting issues for evangelos-marinakis a new subsidiary of Capital Maritime known as Capital Product Partners LP. Needlessly to say, he became the first ever chairperson of the establishment. Under his leadership, Capital Merchandise became outlined on the NASDAQ exchange.

Crude Carriers Corp.

This year 2010, Marinakis oversaw the creation of just one more shipping company, Crude Carriers Corp. “evangelos marinakis” info Unlike its predecessors, this firm evangelos marinakis true story primarily focused on transporting oil. Therefore, its fleet comprised usually of tankers.

Olympiakos FC

Spending Evangelos Marinakis info after his dad who was an ardent enthusiast of Olympiakos, Evangelos as well became a lifelong follower of the club. In 2010 2010, Marinakis decided to purchase almost all shares of his idolized crew. The principal reason of this acquisition was to steer the golf club to greater heights by trading wisely in the transfer of different players and successful management policies in relation to assortment of match time revenues and television rights. True to his before projections, Olympiakos features enjoyed an effective spell under his leadership, and the club has earned the Greece topflight league an archive seven times in a row.

Currently, Olympiakos is the most successful club in Greece, having won a record 44 league titles and a substantial number of cups. The soccer groups are likewise the leading entity the quantity of doubles won, having bagged the little league evangelos-marinakis information and Greek cups concurrently in 16 different occasions.

Politics – appointment to the Piraeus City Council

In 2014, Evangelos successfully contested for a seat at the Piraeus City Council. During the election, Marinakis run on an unbiased ticket regarding his good friend, Yannis Moralis, who is as well the VP of Olympiakos FC. The primary products on his production plan were to reclaim the city’s slot from Chinese and increase the infrastructure of the harbor.

Evangelos’ candidacy drew combined reactions among the citizens of Piraeus. Typically, the Greek usually do not mix politics with organization, a norm that Marinakis intended to disrupt. He encouraged investors to get into administrative positions to ensure that they can impact on the country’s economy. As expected, Evangelos sent his pledges, although he previously to employ his cash to actualize the majority of the projects as a result of then economical crisis.


Initially, Evangelos tried to enter the media industry through obtaining a national Television set airing license. However, the permit was revoked since the bidding procedure did not comply with the constitution.

In 2017, Evangelos successfully acquired Lambrakis Mass media Group through his firm, known as “evangelos marinakis” information Alter Ego S.A good. Although the bid had to be authorized by the first-stance courtroom, the transition of ownership has the full support of the press group’s existing staff and their trade unions. The mass media house is continuing to grow rapidly and in addition runs the “evangelos marinakis” Mega Channel TV station.

Individual Awards

Evangelos is probably the most prominent names in the global delivery market, having been acknowledged by Lloyd’s List of 100 top-rated influencers in the shipping industry. This past year, Marinakis received the Greek Transport Personality of the Year award from Lloyd’s.

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